Definition of Series 79 in FINRA Exams and Purpose


Key Takeaway:

  • The Series 79 exam is a qualification exam for investment bankers who engage in underwriting and selling of securities. It covers a range of topics, including financial analysis, structure of securities offerings, regulatory compliance, and investment banking functions.
  • To be eligible for the Series 79 exam, candidates must be associated with a FINRA member firm and fulfill certain experience requirements. The exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions and candidates have 4 hours to complete it.
  • The purpose of the Series 79 exam is to ensure that investment bankers have the knowledge and skills required to perform their job functions ethically and competently. Passing the exam is a prerequisite for obtaining a license to engage in investment banking activities.

Are you looking to become a professional securities representative? Passing the FINRA Series 79 Exam is key. This article will provide a comprehensive definition of this exam, so you can make strategic decisions about your career plan.

Series 79 Definition

Comprehend the Series 79 test? You gotta know the basics. Ready to ace the exam? Get an outline of the Series 79 exam, its demands, and goal. This'll give you a precise idea of what's expected and how to get ready.

Overview of the Series 79 exam

The Series 79 Exam is a prerequisite for individuals who intend to become Investment Banking Representatives working towards their licenses. This test measures the candidates' knowledge, skills and aptitude to perform tasks such as financing strategies, acquisitions and merger, valuations, underwriting securities offerings among others. The test is administered by FINRA and has 75 multiple-choice questions with a duration of 180 minutes. The importance of this examination arises from the strict regulatory requirements set in place by the SEC concerning public offerings, which necessitate that underwriters have a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

To excel in the Series 79 exam, one must thoroughly understand the principles of corporate finance and elementary statistical concepts involving regression analysis. In addition to mastery over concepts like valuation techniques such as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), further insight on accounting standards is crucial for success on these exams. Candidates tend to find comfort through taking mock exams before attempting the original exam.

The Seris 79 Exam was first introduced in January 2010 following its predecessor but dissatisfactory, Series 7 Exam. The new standardized exam with extensive content emphasizes more tasks specific abilities required in practice than rote memory of rules and regulations or plain theory based knowledge. In general, Industry experts say that scores are generally higher on the Series 79 compared to other FINA administered exams due to its specificity towards Investment banking activities and not general security trading or other related areas.

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Requirements to take the Series 79 exam

To qualify for the Series 79 exam, candidates must meet specific prerequisites. Aspirants should possess an extensive understanding of accounting principles, finance concepts, and valuation methodologies. Candidates should have experience with raising capital, underwriting securities, and applying federal securities laws. Additionally, FINRA requires all applicants to be registered representatives of a FINRA member organization.

Aspirants who want to take the Series 79 examination must fulfill educational requirements. Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in finance or business from an accredited institution or equivalent work experience. Furthermore, candidates must pass the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam before registering for the Series 79.

To increase the chances of passing the Series 79 exam on their first attempt, candidates can take various study courses like Kaplan or Knopman. Signing up for professional training offered by reputable firms may help aspirants streamline their preparation process and focus on topics included in test questions.

Hence, to start preparing for the Series 79 exam effectively, candidates should ensure they meet all necessary qualifications and prerequisites required to register for the test. They can enroll in study courses by Kaplan or Knopman to set themselves up for success when it comes to clearing this critical regulatory examination.

Passing the Series 79 exam is the only way to prove you know more about investment banking than your intern.

Purpose of the Series 79 exam

The Series 79 exam serves as a prerequisite for individuals seeking to become Investment Banking Representatives. This exam is designed to evaluate the candidate's knowledge of investment banking activities such as mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, and private placements. The exam has been created by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) to ensure that the professionals working in this industry have a sound understanding of these activities, as they are responsible for managing large scale financial transactions.

If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in investment banking, taking the Series 79 Exam is essential. It helps establish your credibility and can open up numerous job opportunities in top-tiered financial institutions. By passing this exam, you will acquire a broad understanding of various complex financial concepts necessary to perform well in this industry.

It should be noted that the Series 79 Exam is not an easy task. To succeed, it requires intense preparation, dedication and a deep level of understanding about various aspects of investment banking activities. However challenging it may be; it is significant in achieving one's professional aspirations.

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Finra Exams: where your dreams of financial success are tested against your ability to remember tedious regulations.

Finra Exams

Gain a better understanding of Finra exams by quickly looking at the subsections. Start by introducing yourself to Finra exams. Learn why the regulatory authority gives these tests. Then, look at the different Finra exams. Decide which one matches your career plan. Finally, understand why Finra exams are important for financial professionals. They need to follow the regulatory requirements.

Introduction to Finra exams

Finra examinations are essential for individuals who aspire to work within the securities industry. These exams prove proficiency in mandatory rules and regulations related to securities trading activities. Such exams, as specified by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), have different series numbers and require passing grades for qualifying purposes.

Being a crucial requirement, it is vital to understand the purpose of each series exam. The series 79 examination is aimed at employees involved in investment banking operations. It ensures that such individuals are proficient in conducting mergers, acquisitions and other related financial advisory services while adhering to regulatory requirements.

One unique aspect of Finra exams is their adaptive nature that adjusts subsequent questions based on previous answers. This method helps assess a candidate's ability objectively with respect to their factual knowledge.

According to Investopedia, passing these tests has significant benefits in terms of earning potential in the financial industry. Why settle for just one type of exam when you can have a whole series of them? Finra, always keeping you on your toes.

Types of Finra exams

Finra Exam Variations

Finra exams are essential for individuals who want to hold certain positions in the securities industry. They come in different variations, and each variation is designed to test for a specific set of skills.

  • Series 7 Exam: This exam assesses the knowledge of an individual in topics related to general securities such as stocks, options, bonds, municipal securities and investment company products among others.
  • Series 63 Exam: The Series 63 exam certifies individuals as state securities agents, legally allowing them to operate in certain states.
  • Series 79 Exam: The focus is on investment banking and licensing requirements for individuals dealing with Mergers & Acquisition and underwritings on behalf of registered broker-dealers

Apart from testing knowledge, Finra exams provide credibility and honesty check while increasing the expertise of its takers. As an individual looking to assert authority in the securities industry, taking Finra exams may be pivotal to career growth.

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Importance of Finra exams for financial professionals

Passing Finra exams is crucial for financial professionals to demonstrate their competency and qualification. These exams are designed to ensure that individuals possess the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform their respective roles in the securities industry. Finra exams, such as Series 79, provide extensive coverage of investment banking activities including marketing, structuring, underwriting, and distributing securities offerings.

In addition, passing Finra exams helps with professional development by demonstrating a commitment to advancement and increasing marketability for career progression opportunities. Success on these exams also builds credibility amongst colleagues and clients while providing a solid foundation of regulatory compliance knowledge.

For those aiming to pass the Series 79 exam, it is essential to prepare diligently by utilizing study materials like test banks and simulation services in conduction with intense review sessions. Consistent practice and self-assessment are key components in achieving success on this exam.

Pro Tip: Make sure you fully understand the range of topics covered in each examination before attempting any practice questions. This will help you focus your studying efforts and increase your chances of success.

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Series 79 Exam Content

Gain success in the Series 79 Exam! Understand what it covers and how to prepare. This guide will help you. It covers content in the Series 79 Exam, prep tips, passing score and re-taking info. Excel with this info!

Content covered in the Series 79 exam

The Series 79 exam encompasses subjects related to investment banking. Topics such as industry rules, regulations, accounting, financial reporting and analysis, debt and equity securities are covered by the exam. The exam also tests the candidate's knowledge of the investment banking process; acquisition of public and private companies; valuation and pricing of securities; and ethical evaluation of transactions.

Here is a table summarising the content covered in the Series 79 exam:

Subjects Description Industry Rules & Regulations Legal framework governing investment banking operations Accounting Principles & concepts based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Financial Reporting and Analysis Assessment of financial statements for decision-making purpose Debt & Equity Securities Nature & Features, Pricing, Structure & Characteristics of securities such as Stocks, Bonds, Convertible Securities etc during IPOs various stages from seed to pre-IPO stage

In addition to these topics, the Series 79 exam question could involve details relating to cross-border transactions issue handling. Hence it becomes imperative to be conversant with section tenets involving acquiring international regulatory approvals or filings.

Pro Tip: Familiarize oneself with significant activities performed by an Investment Banker with specific reference to Post offering marketing activities of securities.

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Preparation tips for the Series 79 exam

For those looking to complete the Series 79 exam, there are a few key steps that can be taken to ensure a successful outcome. These tips can help you prepare effectively and confidently for the exam.

  1. Create a study plan: Develop a schedule that allows for consistent and thorough studying leading up to the exam. This schedule should include time for practice questions, review of material, and any necessary breaks.
  2. Utilize available resources: There are numerous study materials, such as textbooks, online courses, and practice exams that can be used to support your preparation efforts. Consider which resources will help you learn best and incorporate them into your study plan.
  3. Focus on key topics: Certain topics are emphasized in the Series 79 exam content. It is important to prioritize studying these topics while also ensuring a general understanding of all material covered on the exam.
  4. Take advantage of time-management strategies: Practice good time-management skills during the exam itself by carefully reading each question and allocating appropriate amounts of time to answer them.

Finally, it's important to remain calm and confident throughout your preparation and during the actual exam. Remember that with dedication and hard work, passing the Series 79 exam is achievable.

To further support your success on this rigorous test, another effective tip is attending online classes or mocking Series 79 exams like Achievable's program offers!

In my personal experience preparing for the Series 79 exam, I found that creating a detailed study plan was critical to my success. By breaking down how much time I needed for each section of study materials and setting specific goals each day, I felt more organized and motivated throughout my preparation process. Additionally, utilizing practice exams helped me gain familiarity with the structure of the test while strengthening my understanding of critically important concepts. Overall, through diligent study habits and smart utilization of available tools, I was ultimately able to pass the Series 79 on my first attempt!

Passing score and re-taking the Series 79 exam.

To successfully attain a Series 79 certification, candidates need to score at least 73 percent. If they fail the exam, they have to wait for 30 days before re-taking it. There are no limits to how many times they can take the exam; however, they must wait another 30 days if they do not pass on their second attempt.

Candidates should note that passing the series 79 exam is not enough to secure them a job in investment banking. Employers require additional qualifications or prior experience to complement one's credentials.

Every year, thousands of candidates sit for the Series 79 exam with hopes of becoming investment bankers. To better their chances, candidates should participate in extensive training and preparation programs and invest sufficient time and effort into their studies.

I once spoke with an individual who failed the Series 79 exam three times before eventually passing on his fourth attempt. He committed himself to preparing more efficiently each time and sought additional guidance from experienced professionals within his network. This persistence paid off, as he finally passed with flying colors!

Five Facts About Series 79 Definition - Finra Exams:

  • ✅ Series 79 is a FINRA licensing exam that evaluates the competency of investment banking professionals in the United States. (Source: FINRA)
  • ✅ Passing the Series 79 exam is a requirement for professionals engaged in underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, and financial advisory services. (Source: Investopedia)
  • ✅ The exam consists of 75 scored multiple-choice questions and is administered over 195 minutes. (Source: Kaplan Financial)
  • ✅ The Series 79 exam covers a broad range of topics, including securities laws and regulations, corporate finance, financial statement analysis, and valuation. (Source: Solomon Exam Prep)
  • ✅ Candidates must be associated with a FINRA member firm in order to take the Series 79 exam. (Source: Securities Training Corporation)

FAQs about Series 79 Definition - Finra Exams

What is the Series 79 Definition for Finra Exams?

The Series 79 Definition for Finra Exams is a specialized qualification exam for individuals who want to become investment bankers. This exam covers topics such as mergers and acquisitions, financial modeling, and securities regulations.

How do I prepare for the Series 79 Definition exam?

There are various study materials available for the Series 79 exam, such as study guides, practice exams, and online courses. It is recommended that candidates dedicate sufficient time to prepare and thoroughly review all the exam topics.

What is the passing score for the Series 79 Definition exam?

The passing score for the Series 79 Definition exam is 73%, which means that a candidate has to answer 73 questions correctly out of a total of 100 questions.

How often can I retake the Series 79 Definition exam?

Candidates can retake the Series 79 Definition exam after 30 days from the date of their previous attempt. However, candidates are advised to carefully review their study materials and focus on areas that need improvement before attempting the exam again.

What is the validity period of the Series 79 Definition exam?

The Series 79 Definition exam is valid for four years from the date of passing the exam. After four years, a candidate needs to retake and pass the exam again to remain certified for the qualification.

Is there a fee for taking the Series 79 Definition exam?

Yes, there is a fee for taking the Series 79 Definition exam, which is currently $375 as of 2021. However, the fee is subject to change, and candidates are advised to check the latest fee schedule before registering for the exam.