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Service Package Offerings Base Package:



Pitch Deck: Articulate your startup's essence and journey.
Data Room: A premium data room for your stakeholders.
Analysis and Proprietary Data Access: Exclusive datasets and network insights.
Communication Planning: Bespoke planning for research and outreach.
Investor Focus Group: Feedback from top-tier investors from our trusted network.
Full Service with All Add-ons Package:



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Includes everything from the Base Package plus
Legal Review
Advanced Analysis and Proprietary Data
Brand Expansion
Growth Hacking
Media Assistance
Basic Legal Services Package:


Suitable for simple sales/purchases under USD $1,000,000.


30-minute introduction call/consultation
Simple document drafting services
30-minute call to discuss documentation
One round of draft document revisions of Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
1 x Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
1 x complete Bill of Sale
Full Service with All Add-ons Package:


Ideal for complex sales/purchases exceeding USD $1,000,000.


90-minute introduction call/consultation
Complex document drafting services
90-minute call to discuss documentation
Two rounds of draft document revisions
1 x Confidentiality Agreement (if/where required)
1 x Term Sheet (if/where required)
1 x Letter of Intent (if/where required)
1 x Exclusivity Agreement (if/where required)
1 x Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
1 x Bill of Sale of Assignment and Assumption of Equity

M&A Specific Product Offerings

M&A Deal Outreach Service

A targeted outreach service to identify and connect with potential M&A targets based on specified criteria.




Valuation Services

Expert analysis for the accurate valuation of potential M&A targets.




Integration Advisory

Post-merger integration services to ensure smooth transition, alignment of business processes, and realization of synergies.

Price starting


M&A Training Workshops

Comprehensive workshops for M&A professionals to sharpen their skills and keep updated with industry best practices.




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Companies approaching us through M&A are subjected to a listing fee of just $500. This ensures your company gets the visibility it needs on our esteemed platform

Outreach Infrastructure Building Bridges for Growth

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Our Promise:

- Tailored cold outreach via email and LinkedIn.
- Custom domain emails for a professional touch.
- Automated LinkedIn outreach maintaining your personal touch.

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Our Process:

- Identification of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
- Profile extraction from our database or a preferred source.
- Profile enrichment for work email discovery.
- Initiation of email sequence with option to connect via Linkedin connections with personalized messages, if no email is available.

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with no hidden fees or commissions.
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Dedicated Support:

For all your concerns, adjustments, or questions, expect same-day responses. We prioritize your success.

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About Acquire.Fi

With roots deep in both traditional finance and the crypto market, Acquire.Fi standsAnd it's like unified it doesn't matter which qualification right so you can charge like for example can be $250Hourly and then I know most of the work done by the junior lawyer and then proofreading by senior tall as one of the foremost web3 M&A marketplaces and providers of secondary solutions. Our decades-long experience merges innovation with expertise, bringing unparalleled value to our clientele.

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Only 3% of applications make the cut. This isn’t to discourage, but to ensure the highest quality of deal flow. To uplift and support the many ambitious projects that seek guidance, we introduce the Acquire.Fi Service Package tailor made for crypto founders, by crypto founders.