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DeFi Lending Protocol on ETH with $63M TVL, 14 Markets, $100M Market Cap, 5 Exchange Listings

The business is the DeFi Lending protocol and model is B2C.



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Business Created

October -2022


Assets Included in the sale

DAO Council Tokens, Smart Contracts, Codebase, Socials, Brand, Owner wallet, Protocol-owned Tokens


Compound, AAVE, MakerDAO

Company Size


Tech Stack

Solidity Smart Contract in Ethereum

Listing Summary

The business is the DeFi Lending protocol and model is B2C.

Open Access: Anyone with an internet connection and supported cryptocurrencies can participate in lending and borrowing activities, making it accessible to a global audience.

Transparency: The platform offers complete transparency regarding interest rates, lending pools, and transaction history. Users can easily verify how the system operates and where their assets are being utilized.

Decentralization: Operates on blockchain technology, removing the need for traditional financial intermediaries. Users have direct control over their assets and can participate without relying on centralized institutions.

Market-Driven Interest Rates: The Projects's algorithmic interest rate model ensures that interest rates are determined by market supply and demand for assets. This approach allows for real-time adjustments and eliminates the need for intermediaries to set rates.

Global Accessibility: Users from around the world can participate in lending and borrowing without worrying about international borders or limitations.

Reduced Counterparty Risk: It uses smart contracts to automate lending and borrowing, The need to trust individual borrowers is significantly reduced, enhancing security for lenders.

Efficiency: The DeFi protocol streamlines the lending and borrowing processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. This can lead to better yields for lenders and lower borrowing costs for borrowers.Innovation: Part of the broader DeFi movement, which encourages innovation and allows developers to build decentralized financial applications on the blockchain. This opens the door for creative and novel financial solutions.

Reward Token Utility: Prevents reward token dumping, algorithmically with the vesting smart contract and encourages the users to earn more money with the project token

Protocol Revenue Share: Shares the lending reserve revenue with the staking users in the protocol by stable asset, USDC, so that users can earn safe money with the token


Increased Adoption: As more people become aware of and comfortable with blockchain technology, the number of users of DeFi lending protocols is likely to increase. This could lead to a significant increase in the total value locked (TVL) in the protocol, which would be a strong indicator of growth.

Institutional Investment: As the regulatory environment for blockchain technology becomes clearer, more institutional investors may start to invest in DeFi. This could provide a significant boost to the growth of the business.

Innovation and New Products: The DeFi space is highly innovative, and there are always new products and services being developed. This constant innovation could lead to new growth opportunities.

Expansion into New Markets: Many DeFi lending protocols are currently focused on developed markets. However, there are huge opportunities for growth in developing markets, where access to traditional financial services is often limited. The business have the partnership expansion opportunities with Lido Finance, Ondo Finance and other payments services.

Integration with Traditional Finance: As blockchain technology becomes more mainstream, there will be more opportunities the protocol to integrate with traditional financial institutions. This could lead to new growth opportunities.

Key Assets

DAO Council Tokens, Smart Contracts, Codebase, Socials, Brand, Owner wallet, Protocol-owned Tokens

Ideal Buyer

Defi Projects, Entrepreneurs, Competitor Lending Protocol, Etc

Selling Reason

The decision to explore the potential sale of our protocol is primarily driven by our strategic objective to accelerate its growth and global impact. We have successfully implemented key technical enhancements aimed at bolstering staking and distribution mechanisms, fostering a more stable token price, and ensuring sustained protocol stability.

As we aspire to position our protocol among the top contenders in the industry, we recognize the pivotal role of increased funds in amplifying our Total Value Locked (TVL) and expanding our market outreach efforts. By enabling a substantial surge in the TVL, we aim to drive a corresponding upward trajectory in the token price, thereby reinforcing the protocol's market competitiveness.

We firmly believe that entrusting the protocol to a new owner, equipped with the resources and vision to propel it to a global scale, will catalyze its journey towards becoming a leading lending protocol on a global stage. This strategic decision aligns with our overarching commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the DeFi landscape.

We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition and look forward to engaging with potential stakeholders who share our vision for the protocol's continued success and expansion.

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