View Docs, a dynamic player in the Web3 gaming sector, specializes in providing a multichain



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December - 2021

Limited Liability Company

Assets Included in the sale

IP, Brand, Codebase, Website, Smart-contracts

Competitors,,, magic eden

Company Size

12 team members

Tech Stack

Fullstack JS, Postgress as main DB, reddis and services on Go, multiple blockchains integrated

Listing Summary, a dynamic player in the Web3 gaming sector, specializes in providing a multichain

NFT marketplace with innovative solutions like white-label services and a gaming launchpad.

Founded in December 2021 and incorporated in Estonia, stands out with its robust technology stack and a strong foothold in a rapidly growing market.

Commissions from the trades on our multichain NFT marketplace, b2b sales (White Label solution), Launchpad commissions, ads


We created Launchpad, which can generate additional income. You can connect new blockchains, list new games, increase the volume of b2b sales of white-label NFT marketplace solution

Market Expansion: The launch of a new gaming launchpad opens avenues for significant

Technology Synergy:'s full-stack JavaScript tech stack, integrated with multipleblockchains, offers a unique edge for strategic buyers looking to expand in the Web3 andgaming spaces.

Brand and IP Value: The company's brand and unregistered IP (including its codebase andsmart contracts) are poised for value appreciation in the burgeoning Web3 market.

Key Assets

IP, Brand, Codebase, Website, Smart-contracts

Ideal Buyer

The ideal buyer would be an entity with a strong presence in the blockchain and gaming industries, looking to leverage's technological edge and market position. They should possess a strategic vision to scale's unique business model and capitalize on its established market presence.

Selling Reason

Focus on the game studio and our game release represents a compelling acquisition target with its innovative technology, strongmarket position, and significant growth potential in the Web3 gaming sector. This is aprime opportunity for a strategic buyer to acquire a foothold in the rapidly evolving Web3space with a company that has a proven track record and substantial growth prospects.

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